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    Thea- as nickname for Katherine? Possible? Why or why not?

    We are interested in using Katherine to honor our grandparents, but do not want to use any of the more typical/common nicknames (Kate, Kathy, Kit, Kat, etc). Thea occurred to me as a possible nickname- all of the letters are there. After all, if you can get Betsy from Elizabeth why not Thea from kATHErine? Im really starting to like Thea, and love its Greek meaning (Goddess of light). Thoughts?

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    I would probably think you were a little oddball, but I'd go with it for sure. And probably secretly love it, haha. Although I think it might work a little better if you went with Katherina, just to get the sounds/letters in the right order for the nn.

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    Why not? It's not far off at all.
    Personally, I like when a nickname provides a contrasting flavor to the whole name. Katherine is royal and serious, and Thea also has those qualities.. I personally prefer Kit, because it brings a little playfulness to Katherine. Thea feels like a full name to me, so beautiful and sleek. There's also Anthea (aka Hera) which could be nicknamed Annie or Thea or An.

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    Thea does not organically flow from Katherine (as opposed to Kate or Kathy), but it is unique and cute. Not all nn are obvious derivatives of the full name. If you love it and it has meaning to you, go for it.

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    Very interesting... I love the name Thea and the letters are there.... It's different in a really good way... I think it works.... Even though it's a little bit out there

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