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    I would use Kate as a nickname for Katherine personally, but I have known two just Kates - one goes by Kate and the other by Katie. I know more just Katies/Katys and I find Kate nn Katie a much better option. It's such a versatile name, that's why it's brilliant.

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    I rather like just Kate. My only concern would be if she would spend her whole life saying, "no, it's not short for Katelyn, Katherine, etc. Just Kate." That would drive me INSANE! Maybe it doesn't bother you, but it might bother your daughter. I would definitely go with Katherine, nn Kate. I know Katherines who have ALWAYS gone by Kate... Katherine is just the name on the paperwork.
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    Far too common for me to like, but I think it makes a nice nickname. I agree that a Kate would be forever correcting people who called her Katherine etc.
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    I have never actually met a Kate. All the Katherines/Catherines I know go by Kathy/Cathy. Kate as a nickname or as a stand alone sounds fresh and lovely to me.
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    I love Kate. It is sweet, feminine, and really versatile.

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