View Poll Results: Which has the best sound to you?

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  • Flora Tillery

    18 23.38%
  • Camille Tillery

    5 6.49%
  • Evelyn Tillery

    15 19.48%
  • Eliza Tillery

    30 38.96%
  • Aurelia Tillery

    4 5.19%
  • Cecilia Tillery

    5 6.49%
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Thread: Name Poll

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    Name Poll

    Which sounds best?

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    You really like the letter L , don't you? I voted for Eliza but I think Flora and Evelyn Tillery are pretty too. I like the names Cecilia and Aurelia but they're too matchy for me with Tillery. The double l's in Camille Tillery don't look good to me.
    All the best,

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    the A then the Tillery sounds a bit like Artillery to me so i went with Evelyn

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    I picked Flora Tillery because I can't help but picture a beautiful girl who is hard working, very smart, and sweet, and also a bit fanciful. In my mind, she is a milliner and owns a wonderful little shop where she sells her gorgeous one of a kind fascinators and chic hats, making people feel more beautiful and special every time they wear one her creations. I am aware my imagination gets the best of me but I stand behind my choice. Flora Tillery is lovely!
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    I like Camille with a nn Cami. Camille Tillery sounds very feminine and pretty. I voted Camille
    ~Jackie Jordan~ a.k.a. ~ J.J.~

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