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    Thoughts on the name Ella??


    I absolutely adore the name Ella. It is everything I love in a little girl's name..classic, feminine, short and easy to say/spell. However, I have seen that's it's gained a lot of popularity along with like names Bella and Isabella. Personally, I don't know/have never met an Ella. [I live in South Florida] I know you shouldn't let popularity get in the way of the name/s you love, but it is important to me that my daughter will not have to be called "Ella F" in a class with "Ella M" and "Ella T". What are some of your honest opinions? Also, what are some mn's you would pair with Ella?

    Thank you in advance for all your responses

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    I quite adore Ella, actually. It's so sweet and simple and vintage--I think it's lovely. If Isabelle wasn't my top choice for a girl, Ella Catherine would for sure be on my top 10.

    I have heard that it is popular (I believe it's even top 10 in my state), but I've only come across one. Honestly, where I am, it's more normal to come across a Francisco or Autumn than it is to come across a Jacob or Sophia, and yes, Ella, too. I couldn't really say for Florida, have you checked what it ranks there? I just checked, and in Florida it ranks at number 16, with 446 little Ellas born. Now, there are 67 counties in the state of Florida--so that averages out to be approximately 16 little Ellas born in each county in the last year. I don't know which county you're in, but on average each county has about 20 school districts, so the average is that not even every public school district will have one Ella in each grade (mind you, this is grade, not classroom. It's even less likely that there will be more than one Ella in each classroom!). And this doesn't take into account the secular private schools, the Catholic schools, the Christian-but-not-Catholic schools, the charter schools, the home schools, etc. Does that help to put it into perspective? Ella is certainly nowhere near as popular (or widely used) as Ashley, Jennifer, Jessica, or Lisa was in the 70s and 80s.
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    I know it is a super popular name, but I have never met a little Ella. And it is a really cute name, no matter how popular it is. And everything that ashthedreamer said does make a lot of sense. At least there aren't 100 in each county, or more.
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    Thank you for your very informative and thoughtful response

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    Just to give you the alternate view: I fine Ella to be very bland; it sounds unfinished to me, rather than elegant. I think is the two weak vowels with just the soft L in the middle--nothing substantial. I don't much favor Bella, Stella, Isabella and the like, but at least they have some kind of sound before the soft, feminine -ella ending.

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