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Thread: Ruby for a boy?

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    Sorry, I'm with the no crowd. I would always assume Ruby is a girl; it would never occur to me that this is a unisex name.

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    It seems like I've seen a western with a male Ruby before. For some reason it was a cowboy or maybe southern feel to it. It kind of makes me think of Josie Wales.

    I don't really mind "feminine" nicknames on boys. My Dad has been called Rosey for as long as I can remember. We also have a family friend named Roosevelt that everyone calls Rosie. Their nicknames have never made them seem any less masculine to me.
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    I don't mind it, especially since it's just a nickname.
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    Rudy would be lovely but not Ruby!

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    I think it's fine for a man or a woman. Garnet is a unisex name, why not Ruby? It's like Carol or Cary...strange to people who don't know one who is male, but once you start to associate it with a certain person, all that goes away.
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