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Thread: Ruby for a boy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelliedellie View Post
    As a full name, no Ruby does not work for a boy. But as a nickname for Rubin it is a complete diffferent thing. I think it would be a sweet nickname for when he is little.
    This is what I was thinking.
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    I think Ruby sounds too feminine to be honest, if anything the kids might later just decide to go by Rubin.

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    I can see the logic, and if I heard the full name first I don't think I'd bat an eye... but if a man introduced himself as Ruby? I would certainly do a double-take, have to compose myself, and then ask what it's short for.

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    I think Ruby is a great nn for a boy! I do prefer the spelling Rubi as opposed to Ruby for the spelling full name spelling Rubin. One of my Dad's buddy's nn is Ruby, (for Reuben) so I've heard a guy called Ruby all of my life. I guess that's why it doesn't bother me in the least.

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    I'd say "no way" if they were using Ruby as a stand-alone. As a nickname, anything goes, and I think Ruby sounds like a great old fashioned kinda nickname for Reuben.

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