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Thread: Ruby for a boy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by genevie View Post
    I think people have to remember that nicknames don't have to be used all the time. If it's going to cause teasing in school, he can easily just go by his actual name - Rubin.
    That would be true if your school is big enough or if you move often. If you're from a small town... well, that nn you had as a kid might stick with you. So completely depends on where you're from...
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    I would definitely prefer nn Ben, but one of my great-grandfathers was named Ruby so it definitely has a history as a male name.
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    This question really hit home for me. I loved having a boy's nn as a kid and my friends all thought Frankie was so cool. As an adult it got really old and I got teased. I don't like my given name of Frances so never really used it. When I start college in the fall, I'll be going by a form of my name but more fresh and feminine. (Francine)
    Having the opposite sex nn is ok when you're small. I would advise your sister's friend to keep the nn Ruby to family and friends. It's cute, but kids can be cruel. He will establish his own identity and nn for school friends etc. as he grows up.

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    No. I'm not a fan. Ruby is much too feminine. Reuben is a fine name as itself, I think, but Ruby as a nn is not good. I like Rudy though...But I don't know if that works as a nickname...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelliedellie View Post
    As a full name, no Ruby does not work for a boy. But as a nickname for Rubin it is a complete diffferent thing. I think it would be a sweet nickname for when he is little.
    My thoughts exactly, on it's own Ruby is too feminine, but I could see a Rubin nn Ruby working well on a child, teenager and a grown man.....
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