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    Quote Originally Posted by rmbear View Post
    I think WAY to much weight is given to sibset combinations on Nameberry boards. I love Silas (way more than Lincoln) and it goes with your other sons' names for sure.

    Best of luck!

    I love Silas. I also love Griffin and Corbin. They all go great together.

    Lincoln feels a little trendy to me right now anyway.
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    Thanks everyone! I did think of using Lincoln Silas, which I like together, but there is something about Lincoln that doesn't feel right. Maybe it's because it's been on our list since baby #1 and we've already rejected it twice. Also, I don't love that there are so many associations (president, car model, two towns relatively close to us)... Another issue I have with it is the spelling, I dislike the second L and I'm not a fan of changing a classic spelling. I like the nicknames though (Linc or Cole).

    I'm really leaning toward Silas, but it just seems to be the odd man out next to my other boys. And, hubby prefers Lincoln so I may have trouble getting him to agree to Silas. I thought about Silas Lincoln, but not sure it flows well? Also, are there any other nickname ideas other than Si/Sy/Sly??

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    I think Lincoln is a really cool name. It's kind of trendy but it's historical name so it's not like, say, Zayden. I think Lincoln fits well with your sibset. Lincoln Silas would be a good combo and that would give you the option to incorperate both names.

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    That is so crazy -- Corbin and Griffin were my top two favorite names when I was pregnant with my son! (Of course, my hubby vetoed them!) Lucky you to get to use those awesome names! I actually love both Lincoln and Silas, too. I would be inclined to say go with Silas -- I just like it a little better. I agree with the previous poster who said that too much weight is given to sibling names. After all, that only matters during childhood. Once they are adults, they are pretty much on their own. No one comes around asking me what my siblings names are or trying to decide if they go together or not.
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