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    I think WAY to much weight is given to sibset combinations on Nameberry boards. I love Silas (way more than Lincoln) and it goes with your other sons' names for sure.

    Best of luck!

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    Since you aren't sure about going for another -in ending, I wonder if you would like another name with an "r" in it as a way to tie all of the names together in a subtle way?

    Griffin, Corbin, and maybe something like:


    I do like Lincoln and Silas too, I'd go for the one you like the most and it will fit with the other names you like.
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    I like Silas way better! I think another n name fits the pattern, but its ok to not have a matched set if you love the name.
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    Silas is much nicer, in my opinion.

    Plus, are you sure you want to be in a cycle of "-in" sounding names? 2 in a row is fine, but once you hit 3 it would seem out of place to name another child something with a different ending. (Not that I'm a big fan of the significance placed on sib-sets here, but the "-in" sound at the end is a pretty obvious tie.)

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    My opinion is go with what you like best!! I see the obsession over sibsets matching a lot on this forum and I just don't get it! Style changes, taste this can happen when naming kids. The kids will each own their names and most people they are introduced to won't associate them with their other family members names (like once they go to college, social events, etc).

    That being said I love BOTH of your name choices! :-)

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