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  • Scarlett Alexandra

    22 61.11%
  • Scarlett Alexandria

    11 30.56%
  • Neither

    3 8.33%
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    Comment/rate my list?

    I'm not pregnant or anything but for a baby girl this is my favorites list =)

    The only first/middle name combos I have are Scarlett Alexandr(i)a (which do you think - Alexandra or Alexandria?) and Violet Anastasia. The rest are just first name ideas;

    Scarlett "Carly" Alexandr(i)a
    Lillian "Lily"
    Violet Anastasia
    Jane "Janie" or "Jenny"
    Audrey - too clashy with a last name like Richard?
    Anita - this is one no one seems to like so I wouldn't actually use, but I still love it!
    Christina "Christy" or "Chrissy" - I'm mostly using it to get to the nicknames

    Last name sounds like Richard so I had to throw out r-heavy favorites like Cora and Aurora =( You don't have to comment on every single one, I'm just looking for any feedback =)

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