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    Jemama, I was logging on specifically to add Vio for Violet! LOL! Love that!

    Dindlee, I dig Renna for Catherine!

    Here are a few more:

    Eloise - Loi (LOW-ee)
    Gabrielle - Rielle, Ree
    Galadriel - Dree, Driel, Riel (You're laughing but I swear I would consider it if my husband would. I'm such a nerd for Tolkien.)
    Rebecca, Henrietta - Ree
    Andrea - Dree
    Antonia - Anya
    Cecilia - Cila
    Eliza, Elizabeth - Ezza
    Calliope - Io
    Adriana - Adra

    I also think, WHEN (not if) I finally get my Matilda Emerald, considering her first and middle together could get me to Mimi. Which is very cute.
    Mrs. H.
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    I recently heard of a little girl names Elizabeth nn Billie

    I also like alternative nn's... here are the nn's I would use for my fave girl names..

    Ramona- Romy
    Bridget- Jet
    Eleanor- Leni
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    I have an aunt-in-law Elizabeth nn Biss
    A friend Rebecca nn lizard (it's unexpected but doesn't have anything to do with her name lol)
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    MrsH: Mimi for Matilda Emerald is adorable. Glad you like Renna. I've been all about Catherine lately. I'll give you one my fiancé came up with today-- he texted me from work (I think I'm making a name nerd out of him)-- we've been throwing around Noemí Lucia as one of our combos and he wants to call her Nola. Swoon!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Isadora nn Sadie is a favourite as far as unexpected goes

    Some more:
    Agatha nn Hattie
    Agnes nn Nessie
    Antonia nn Nia
    Beatrice (Betony) nn Bets
    Bryony nn Bo
    Catherine nn Cathy (never used anymore!)
    Constance nn Tansy
    Demeter nn Etta
    Eliza nn Zaza
    Euphemia nn Eppie
    Felicity nn Flicka
    Hermione/Honorine nn Hero
    Imelda nn Mellie
    Josephine nn Posy
    Lilivere nn Liv
    Ludivine nn Lulu
    Magdalena nn Magda (rather than Maggie or Lena)
    Magnolia nn Nola
    Margot nn Mo
    Marigold nn Goldie
    Matilda nn Tilda (or just Maud)
    Melusine nn Lucy
    Noelle nn Nell or Noa
    Olivine nn Liv
    Ombeline nn Bell(a)
    Ovidia nn Vida
    Pascaline nn Callie
    Susanna nn Sosie
    Thalassa nn Tess(a)
    Valentina nn Leni
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    From books and music:
    Dido Nuala Foxglove + Penthe Noria Delight + Una Hereswith Sybel
    Lórien Madrigal Melusine + Alaïs Antimony Blythe + Gwladus Rosa Rixende

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