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    missusaytch Guest

    Unexpected nicknames

    I love nicknames that aren't quite what you'd expect.

    Angelica - Anka
    Beatrice - Beah
    Raphaela - Rella
    Domenica - Dia, Meni, Nica
    Helena - Henna
    Katerina - Kira
    Isadora - Zora
    Matilda - Milla
    Miranda - Minda
    Fiona - Fia
    Josephine or Seraphina - Phia, Phina
    Clementine - Lemon... or Lemon Pie :-)
    Veronica - Vera, Via, Vika, Nica
    Anastasia - Asia

    Feel free to jump in!

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    I think Millie could work as a nickname for Matilda, too!

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    Katerina- Kina
    Angelica- Gia
    Anastasia- Tasie,Sia
    Josephine Joie, Sephie, Joss,
    Miranda- Minnie, Mindy,Miri
    Seraphina- Seri, Sephie, Sina, Sia
    Clementine- Lemmy,Clea,Cline, Mint,Tine,
    Veronica- Veri,Voni
    Domenica- Minca,Demi, Deni

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    These may not make sense to anyone but me. I have some good friends with less common nicknames and I know their lovely/clever names have influenced my thinking.

    Aurora nn Arrow
    Penelope nn Peony
    Lorelei nn Rilla

    Tons more I will add when I am on the laptop tomorrow!
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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