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    My husband's grandmother was Eleanor nn Ahno. It was a mispronunciation from her youngest step-daughter that stuck! She received most of her mail to Ahno and I didn't realize it wasn't her given name for many, many years.
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    Most of the ones I've heard have already been posted, but I'll share our daughter's names who have less common nn's

    Scarlett goes by Carly/Carle the majority of the time
    Fiona sometimes goes by Fae

    I've also heard Scout used for Scarlett. I like that alot. Penelope can have Nell, Nellie, Penna, Elle, Ellie
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    I love this thread! Some I've seen recently...

    Scarlet nn Tess
    Matilda nn Mila
    Caroline nn Arrow
    Juliet nn Jet
    Julietta nn Jetta
    Magnolia nn Nola/Nollie
    Adeline nn Dell (a/y)
    Adelina nn Alina
    Mirabel nn Mabel
    Cassandra nn Sandy (old school!)
    Vivienne nn Vienna
    Penelope nn Pepper
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    I think Juliette with the nickname Etta is gorgeous! I love the name Etta but I think it's a bit short for a first name so I tried to find a name that it could be a nickname for. There are a lot of 'ette' names but Juliette I absolutely love!
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    Also - my best friend's brother is Jonathan but goes by J o f f. (Spacing it out as it's uncommon)

    This is because my best friend couldn't pronounce Jon - the nickname he originally was going to have. J o f f has stuck and now everyone calls him it, he's even considering changing his name to it!
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