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    My married name is Toon. I was thrilled to take that as my last name, as I am a professional caricaturist/illustrator. I have had many clients call me to ask for my "real name" when cutting a check, or sending me W9 forms, and when I say, "That is my real name," they are stunned.

    Some names that cannot work with Toon:

    Carl Toon
    Kurt Toon
    Otto Toon <--LOL
    Walt Toon
    Louie Toon
    Luna Toon
    Carry Toon
    Carol Toon
    Melody Toon


    Names that end in T tend to run into the last name.
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    The first syllable of my husband's very Arabic surname is na-. Therefore any girls' name ending with -na is out, lest the kid sound like she's stuttering.

    I kept my name as it's a big PITA to change it in the doctoring world, and since there is an obvious ethnic mismatch I thought his would sound frankly ridiculous on me. But kid(s) have his name only, no feminist double-barrelling for me.
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    Can't use Jude, Zeus or anything with the double "oo" sound.

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    My last name ends in -ino ... So a lot of Spanish/Italian names are out. Which is a bit of a problem because I am Spanish.

    So Maximiliano, Valentino, Santino, Emilio

    I'm just glad it isn't -ina or I wouldn't be able to use ANY Spanish girls names
    Just a name lover.

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    My possible future last name starts with Har-, but I am in love with the name Harper for a boy!

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