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    My last name has the vowel sound "AY" (é) repeated three times in a row, so any names with that sound in it starts to sound very redundant. Names like:
    Élodie Ay-ay-ay
    Amy ay-ay-ay
    Cade ay-ay-ay
    Wade ay-ay-ay

    This isn't a deal breaker for me. I would still consider using Damian, Damon, Freya and Xavier and a few others.

    It is especially bad if the first name ends with the "ay" (é) sound:
    Zoé ay-ay-ay
    Chloé ay-ay-ay
    Mireille ay-ay-ay

    We are pretty lucky though, none of the names we love fall under the 2nd category, because that would be a deal breaker.
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