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    Hidden gems in the cementary

    I was just wondering. Does anyone walk around cementaries and look at names? I do but do you think that is weird? and I also lok in the obituaries, you find out about people but if they are around 100 or so you can find amazing names like Estaleen I have only heard it once and that's from a resident where i work it was her sisters name and she was born 1904.Am I the only one who does this?
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    I don't do that as a hobby or anything. But my SO and I travelled across eastern Europe last summer while we were ttc and we spent some time in Poland and Ukraine where his family was originally from and visited the Jewish cemeteries. Both to pay our respects and to get some name inspiration. Most of the names were all the same. Lots of Rose s and Sarah s. But we came across a Minka and thought that sounded pretty. Didn't end up using it, but we thought it was a creative way to get some inspiration that would still tie to his heritage in some way.
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    I will do this if I happen to be visiting a graveyard. I love seeing the old names. I was in a mid 19th century graveyard recently and came across the name Sybella. I thought it was pretty and fairly unusual. I noticed a lot of classic names that were popular for the time and some that still sound dated like Eunice, Gladys, etc.

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    If I happen to be walking past one I'll probably go in and look. I agree, there's always some interesting ones in there
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    that's weird.
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