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    Our surname isn't too hard. It's a one-syllable Chinese name starting with T. I have no issues with illiteration and not many names rhyme with it. The only problem is that names ending in -t blend in with the surname and make it sound like one word, so Violet, Bennett, and Benedict are out. :-( I take consolation in the fact that my husband would likely have vetoed all those names anyway!
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    I've always loved Georgia for a little girl, but it's just too rhyme-y with my last name (Borjes). Also, with my last name starting with B, it rules out pretty much anything that ends with B. I always liked Gabe for a boy, but I know he'd just end up getting teased, because kids can be cruel.
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    Our last name is King, and if you're not careful you can actually spell (or sound like), a word -- for example, Jo King, Lee King
    Also, there is a need to be careful re initials. For example, Penelope Ursula King (PUKing) would not work
    And even anything ending with a -ley or -ry sound does not really work, because if you say it fast enough it sounds like "leaking" or "reeking"

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    Sigh...names ending in M. Abram, Ephraim. Our LN ends in M and it just sounds off.
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    This thread is great for me, I can commiserate & not feel like I'm the only person who has a difficult last name!

    Our last name begins with S, which means that all names that begin with S (SS initials are a dealbreaker for me) or end in s (they run into each other) are out. This rules out a surprisingly high number of names (including my beloved Susanna, Simon, Francis & Nicholas). Our surname also has a very prominent -et sound, so names ending in -ette sound rhymey (I actually like this, but I know it may be hard to live with). Plus it ends in -well, so names with prominent -el sounds like Isabelle really don't work at all, words with noun meanings can sound strange & we can't use Maxwell or Bramwell. Arghhh.

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