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    Feb 2013
    New Jersey
    Stuart - our last name is the same as the Mouse named Stuart!

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    Feb 2013
    Rowan, Kiegen, Bryn, etc. Alot of names I love seem to end in en or in sounds
    Due 2/2/15

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    Well I'm not married, and I don't even have a boyfriend. But based on my maiden name, any name that ends in the sound -oh doesn't work. That is the sound my last name ends with, so it's just too much. I also tend to want to avoid names that start with a be- like Benedict, Benjamin, Beckham, Beverly, etc. The only name I kind of like that is on that list is Beckham though, and even if I could, I doubt I'd ever use it.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    I should have also included any names ending in "son" as my last name ends in "son". For the most part that doesn't bother me, but I do have a super soft spot for the nickname Robby. I could see myself going for Robinson. I also can't use Robert to get to Robby because the ending "t" smooshes with the "T" at the start of my last name and Robert becomes Robber.

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    So many. Basically any name that ends with an -er is out bc BF's surname is Baumgartner. It's just a tough name to work with all around, but definitely no Archer, Zander, Alexander, Evander, Clover, Juniper, Ginger, etc . I am still planning on using Sanders for a boy's mn, though. It honors my mom who died 2 years ago in May, and I am using it anyway. The meaning for me trumps any sort of unfortunate repeating -er sounds.

    My last name, on the other hand, is fantastic, only 1 simple syllable, and 3 little letters. I LOVE my last name, and it's a cinch to work with. Too bad little baby doesn't get my name.....Long story. But hyphenating has been voted down, so the best I get is to give my child a 2nd middle name. Anyway.....
    Mama to Desmond Sanders

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