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    Not married or in a relationship, but I have to say my maiden name rules out almost zero names I like.

    It starts with K and ends in -on, 2 syllables. My first name also starts with K, and ends with -in, 2 syllables. So needless to say having an -en/-on/-in ending surname and first name doesn't really bother me, flow-wise. I've always liked my name and gotten many compliments on it, and BONUS: my middle name is 2 syllables and ends in -een. Take that, 2-2-2 pattern naysayers

    The only names it rules out, for me, are:
    - K names - None of which I like anyway, and because I wouldn't want it to "match" my name and I got sick of "are your initials KKK"
    - Anything has a strong Ken- or Can- sound in it (Kenneth, Kennedy, Kent, Mackenzie, Canyon, Candace, Breccan, et c.), again, none of which I like.

    And I guess sometimes it rules out names from other cultures, because it's very Irish/Scottish and to me it would just seem odd to have a little Lorenzo K---on or Dimitri K---on running around. I'm sort of digging Bodhi and Djuna though, so I might be willing to sway a little on that one. I sound like a total hipster right now.
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    I love Luke...but my last name begins with K so it sounds awful. So I thought Lucas, but, my last name ends with the same sound.

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    My last name is Townsend which rules out pretty much all "T" names. ( Tessa, Tallulah, Tyler, Thomas) Which is funny cause before I got married I was SS, same with my dad and sister, so I guess it determines on the name. Theo is the only T name I believe sounds good. As well as almost any "son" names. (Emerson, Grayson, Hudson, Mason) but who knows I still might use one of them one day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but it makes me really sad to see that so many Berries have changed or are planning on changing their surnames. It might be a generational thing, or have to do where I live and went to school, but I do not know a single woman who hasn't kept/is planning on keeping her real name.
    It probably is a generational thing as I'm sure I'm a bit older than you, but it never occurred to me not to take my husband's last name. As my sister said, "Switching one man's name for another." It certainly made it easier for my sister and me that our maiden name wasn't the best.
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    I don't like my last name (which is Thomas) so as of now I plan on taking my future husband's last name unless it's something really ridiculous. Not even ashamed to admit it.
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