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    Clara Penelope (Clara or Clary) - I never liked Clara, but Penelope is lovely.
    Aurora Jillian (*Rory) - Pretty! I wouldn't have thought of this combo, but it's very nice.
    Carolina Maeve (*Lina) - I think of the U.S. states when I see Carolina, but I love love Maeve.
    Poppy Valentine - Way too cutsy for me. I can't imagine a woman named Poppy.
    Charlotte Matilda (Lottie or *Mattie) - Charlotte 'Lottie' is adorable, but Matilda isn't for me.
    Elena Michele - I don't care for Elena, and I prefer Michelle over Michele. As a combo, there's nothing special about it.
    Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin (Mia or *Amy) - Very trendy to me; two popular names as a combo; it feels very expected.
    Hadley Rebekah (Haddie) - Hadley is quite harsh to me; I don't like it. I prefer the Rebecca spelling, but it's not really my type of name either.
    Anastasia Louise (*Ana or *Tasy) - I like this! Tasy is very cute and spunky! I just love Louise in the middle, very darling.
    Sansa Jane Eleanor (*Ellie if she doesn't go by Sansa) - I don't really like Sansa, nor see the appeal of it. Jane and Eleanor are lovely, and Eleanor Jane would make quite the regal combo.
    Cordelia Vivienne (looking to possibly replace Cordelia with another unique and pretty C name. Clea maybe?) - I never really liked Cordelia, I think the look of Cord in the beginning and the sound of -delia throws me off. I'm not fond of Clea either, mainly because I don't like Cleo either. Perhaps Clarissa, Camille, Catalina or Carlotta?
    Hannah Delphine - Cute! I like the sound of the combo together, but visually, it's not as appealing to me. Still, pretty sound.
    Arabella Lucy - Nice and spunky, but I feel like there's something missing. I should like it, but I wish I could put my finger on it...
    Tallulah/Talullah Rose (for the life of me I can't decide which spelling. At times they both look right and at times they both look ridiculous) (Lulu) - Definitely Tallulah! I prefer the nickname Tally over Lulu, and while I really would rather not see Rose in the middle slot, it really does balance out the unusual Tallulah.
    Emmeline Grace (pro. Emma-leen) (Emmy) - Pretty pretty! I love Emmeline pronounced this way. Very sophisticated and sleek.
    Ever Juliet - I don't like it. For some reason, I hear 'Forever Juliet' which somehow makes me think of Romeo and Juliet and her suicide. I love Juliet, don't get me wrong, but just not when paired with Ever.
    Madeline Fiona (Maddie) - I don't like either name. Madeline is classic, but just not my style and Fiona just makes me think of Shrek.
    Katerina Lily (*Kat) - Pretty! I like the imagery I get from this name.
    Margaery Elizabeth (*Maggie) - I rather see Margaret Elizabeth.
    Zoe Clementine - I prefer the Zoey spelling, and while the combo is nice, I really don't understand the appeal of Clementine.
    Arianna Primrose - Pretty! Very feminine.
    Maisie Quinn - I'm not a fan of nicknamey names as a full name and since Quinn is unisex, I rather see it paired with something long and feminine.
    Jessamine Willow (Jessa-meen) (*Jessa) - I prefer the Jessa-min pronunciation, but with either pronunciation paired with Willow is lovely.
    Aurelia Florence - Love! Very pretty with a hint of antiquity.
    Cassia Violet (Cass-ee-uh) - Look at that! One of my former combos This was back when I preferred Cass-ee-uh over Casha pronunciation. But even though I now favor Casha, I can never forget my fondness for Cass-ee-uh Violet.
    Persephone Lark (*Percy or *Seph) - Pretty! Not fond of either nickname though.
    Nina Elspeth - I don't care for either name.

    Other names on my list:
    Eloise (mn) - I never liked the sound of this name; it's very old lady to me. Eloise Wren, Eloise Opal.
    Nancy (mn) - Very dated to me. Nancy Justine, Nancy Marina.
    Daenerys (*Dany) (mn) - Not sure how to pronounce this one.
    Nephele (Neff-a-lee) (mn) - Ehh, not my style. Nephele Jane, Nephele Iris.
    Hera - Not my style. Hera Charlotte, Hera Evelyn.
    Lyanna - I like Lianna better. Lyanna Ivy, Lyanna Faye.
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    alyssa897 Guest

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. I really like most of your suggestions, but I already have combos with those names that I really like. Nephele Charlotte is really pretty though.


    Michele is after my best friend who passed away three years ago. My mom helped her mom come up with her full name: Maeghan Marie-Michele. She also chose that spelling so it's very dear to my heart. If I didn't have the connection I probably wouldn't care much for it either.

    I find Hannah bland at times, but I think a spunky middle name really helps. Also, my mom loves that name and we don't really have similar tastes so score there!

    Margaery and Sansa are both from Game of Thrones. I have a big connection with the show and book series as it's helped me get through a lot so both names are on my list even though I know they are not everyone's style.

    I agree Aurelia Florence might be too princess-y. Until I find combos for both names I will keep it on my list.

    I like Annabel Nephele a lot, but I find Annabel too close to Anastasia which I love more. Scarlett Lyanna or even Lyanna Scarlett is nice, but too close to Charlotte for my liking. Theodora Eloise is lovely, but I really dislike the possible Dora/Dory nn.


    Cassia Daenerys is indeed lovely!! I will add it to the maybe list. Thank you.


    Thank you for the input. It seems a lot of people love Cassia Violet.


    I was never a fan of Clara in the past, but it's grown on me recently and I much prefer it to Claire which is nice, but I've never really loved.

    Thank you for your comment about Aurora Jillian. I was doubting that one, but I'm glad you like it!

    Michele is after my best friend who passed away. If I used it I would use that spelling as that is how her name was spelled.

    I feared Amelia Caitlin might seem too trendy! It's on my list for now, but I may look to for alternatives for each name.

    I'm definitely starting to like Tallulah more than Talullah so thank you for your input. I know Rose is pretty overused as a middle name but I find it so pretty and it's one of my close cousin's middle name and it would be a way to honor her so I don't mind it's popularity.

    It seems a lot of people really like Cassia Violet and that was one I wasn't really in love with...I'm glad it's getting a positive reception!

    I know Nancy is pretty dated....but I just love it! I was really into the Nancy Drew books when I was younger and they impacted my life a lot. I would always read them with my Grandma who passed away a few years ago. It just brings a lot of positive memories. I did have Jillian Nancy on my list, but both names together sounded REALLY dated!
    Daenerys is pronounced like Day-neer-is


    Thanks to everyone who commented! Your opinions and suggestions really mean a lot!

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    Clara Penelope (Clara or Clary) 10 I love this very classic and pretty
    Aurora Jillian (*Rory) 4 I'm not crazy about rory as nick name for a girl it means red king and traditionally a boys name but i just personally don't like it on a girl and this combo feels off to me.
    Carolina Maeve (*Lina) 4..I love Maeve though I went to school with a girl whose name was Maeve Ingrid
    Poppy Valentine- 4 I'm not a fan of Valentine
    Charlotte Matilda (Lottie or *Mattie) 6, I love Matilda but dislike Mattie as a nick name, Charlotte doesn't do much for me but it sounds nice together in this comb
    Elena Michele- 4 ok but you have better options on your list.
    Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin (Mia or *Amy)- 6 not crazy about Catelyn but Amelia is ok
    Hadley Rebekah (Haddie)- 4
    Anastasia Louise (*Ana or *Tasy) 8, I dont like Louise much but Anastasia is gorgeous, I like Stasia as a nick name
    Sansa Jane Eleanor (*Ellie if she doesn't go by Sansa) 2
    Cordelia Vivienne-10 beautiful and classy
    Hannah Delphine- 6 Delphine is pretty but always makes me think of dolphin.
    Arabella Lucy- 8 would be 10 if it were Lucille
    Tallulah/Talullah Rose- 3 but if you use it go with the first spelling i think
    Emmeline Grace (pro. Emma-leen) 2...I don't care for Em names and I think I might like it more maybe a 6 if it were Emma-Line instead of leen I feel the same about Madeline, I prefer the madeline pronunciation to Madelyn
    Ever Juliet- 9 like it
    Madeline Fiona (Maddie)- 10 if pronounced Mad-uh-line, if it's pronounced Mad-uh-lynn then 5
    Katerina Lily (*Kat)-8 middle name im unsure of though
    Margaery Elizabeth (*Maggie)- 6 reminds me of margarine kind of
    Zoe Clementine- 4 I love love love Clementine but I don't think it works with Zoe styles are real different
    Arianna Primrose- 5 I don't like Arianna but Primrose is pretty
    Maisie Quinn- 7 but not sure this name will age well
    Jessamine Willow (Jessa-meen) (*Jessa)8
    Aurelia Florence- 10 but maybe Francis as middle name
    Cassia Violet (Cass-ee-uh) 8
    Persephone Lark (*Percy or *Seph) 6
    Nina Elspeth- 5

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    Clara Penelope (Clara or Clary)
    Never been a huge fan of Clara, but its paired well with Penelope. I do like Penelope way better, though.

    Aurora Jillian (*Rory)
    You know, it took me up until this year to really like these names, and now I really like them. "youthful light" is also a really cool meaning to a little girl's name.

    Carolina Maeve (*Lina)
    Love the southern/spunky flow to the name.

    Poppy Valentine
    Spunky and cute into romantic and feminine. LOVE Poppy. But kids can be jerks and I can foresee her being called Poopy Poppy.

    Charlotte Matilda (Lottie or *Mattie)
    Very classic, feminine, yet not overly feminine name.

    Elena Michele
    Blargh. This has to be the only blargh one on your list, though they are paired well together.

    Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin (Mia or *Amy)
    Amelia is becoming way too popular now... But its not poor Amelia's fault its feminine and refreshing for many. I do think Caitlyn Amelia makes more sense, though.

    Hadley Rebekah (Haddie)
    I like Hadley. Not sure what to think about the pairing, though.

    Anastasia Louise (*Ana or *Tasy)
    Anastasia is incredibly feminine and fancy, but its tamed down and made more friendly with Louise. I also like Tasy better as a nick.

    Sansa Jane Eleanor (*Ellie if she doesn't go by Sansa)
    Love Sansa Jane. Love it. Eleanor I'm seeing a lot, and getting kind of sick of, to be honest.

    Cordelia Vivienne (looking to possibly replace Cordelia with another unique and pretty C name. Clea maybe?)
    I've never liked the name Cordelia. Ucky. Adelia or Clea sound better with Vivienne.

    Hannah Delphine
    Hannah is cute, but Delphine is beautiful and exotic. Not sure how they go together.

    Arabella Lucy
    It sounds kind of strange to say together, perhaps because of the -bella part.

    Tallulah/Talullah Rose (for the life of me I can't decide which spelling. At times they both look right and at times they both look ridiculous) (Lulu)
    Love Tallulah, but Talula would look equally cute and fitting with Rose.

    Emmeline Grace (pro. Emma-leen) (Emmy)
    This is alright. I've always loved Emmylou more, but I grew up with it and it has family ties.

    Ever Juliet
    Very beautiful, almost tragically romantic.

    Madeline Fiona (Maddie)
    Fiona Madeline makes more sense to me.

    Katerina Lily (*Kat)
    Never liked Kat names.

    Margaery Elizabeth (*Maggie)
    Not sure about the spelling, reminds me more of Margarine.

    Zoe Clementine
    Very cute, youthful, with a musical/southern feeling to it.

    Arianna Primrose
    Very girly. I only see a stuck-up little girl with this name.

    Maisie Quinn
    Very down to earth and cute.

    Jessamine Willow (Jessa-meen) (*Jessa)
    Love it!

    Aurelia Florence
    Very interesting pairing.

    Cassia Violet (Cass-ee-uh)
    Interesting. I like Cassia better than Violet, as I'm also seeing Violet everywhere. Plus I've never been into the Vio names.

    Persephone Lark (*Percy or *Seph)
    Took me a while to get into Persephone too, but now I just love it. Very good pairing.

    Nina Elspeth
    Interesting, but Nina is kind of plain compared to Elspeth.

    Eloise (mn), Nancy (mn), Daenerys (*Dany) (mn), Nephele (Neff-a-lee) (mn), Hera, and Lyanna.

    I love Nephele and Hera. Daenerys is also a really cool name that goes with the flow of strong, mythological, goddess names. Love those the best, I think.

    Nancy just... totally goes from "STRONG, EPIC WOMAN" to... "Hi, I'm here", and I don't think it works very well with any of these names.

    Hera Eloise
    Hera Lyanna
    Hera Nephele
    Nephele Daenerys
    Nephele Eloise
    Lyanna Eloise
    Lyanna Daenerys
    Lyanna Nephele
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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