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    ♡ My Current Combos ♡

    I'm currently editing my girl names list. Originally the goal was to come up with a combo for every name on my list. This is what I have so far. Please give me your opinions/suggestions/comments or anything you can offer! Nicknames in parenthesis. * means it could be a possible nickname, but not guaranteed.

    Clara Penelope (Clara or Clary)
    Aurora Jillian (*Rory)
    Carolina Maeve (*Lina)
    Poppy Valentine
    Charlotte Matilda (Lottie or *Mattie)
    Elena Michele
    Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin (Mia or *Amy)
    Hadley Rebekah (Haddie)
    Anastasia Louise (*Ana or *Tasy)
    Sansa Jane Eleanor (*Ellie if she doesn't go by Sansa)
    Cordelia Vivienne (looking to possibly replace Cordelia with another unique and pretty C name. Clea maybe?)
    Hannah Delphine
    Arabella Lucy
    Tallulah/Talullah Rose (for the life of me I can't decide which spelling. At times they both look right and at times they both look ridiculous) (Lulu)
    Emmeline Grace (pro. Emma-leen) (Emmy)
    Ever Juliet
    Madeline Fiona (Maddie)
    Katerina Lily (*Kat)
    Margaery Elizabeth (*Maggie)
    Zoe Clementine
    Arianna Primrose
    Maisie Quinn
    Jessamine Willow (Jessa-meen) (*Jessa)
    Aurelia Florence
    Cassia Violet (Cass-ee-uh)
    Persephone Lark (*Percy or *Seph)
    Nina Elspeth

    Other names on my list: Eloise (mn), Nancy (mn), Daenerys (*Dany) (mn), Nephele (Neff-a-lee) (mn), Hera, and Lyanna

    Thanks to anyone who replies. I've had a bit of inspiration lately so I'm looking for other people's opinions.

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