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    Josephine: Would Effie or Phina work as a nickname?

    I love the name Josephine, but I'm not crazy about the nickname Josie. I love Posy, but I think it's too out there. Do you think Effie would work as a nickname? What about Phina?

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    I think Phina works great! My son is a Joseph ususally Joe but sometimes at home he's called Seffy. We HATE the nn Joey! I don't see why Effie wouldn't work when Seffy does.

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    I love Effie as a NN for Josephine

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    Definitely Phina or Fee (which I'm partial to) would work really great! Effie's a bit of a stretch, but if it feels natural to you, I'd go with it. I have trouble deciding on nns before the child is born because for me it's more about what feels natural or happens naturally. Nicknames are so personal; I really think it's just about what you want to nickname her. Josephine is beautiful.

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    Personally I think it's fine for nicknames - especially family nicknames - to be a stretch. I think Effie and Phina both work wonderfully as nicknames for Josephine. Phina is a perfectly natural nickname to come to, and if Effie can be a nickname for Elizabeth then it definitely can for Josephine, though if you'd intend to it to be used throughout her life the spelling Ephie could make it more palatable.
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