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    Thoughts on these?

    Just wondering what thoughts were on a few names that are somewhat floating around my list - I can't decide whether to put them on or not. I really struggle with boy names for some reason.

    Conor - does this seem chavvy?
    Gus - would be just Gus on BC, dislike August and variants and all other long forms sound too ethnic.

    Edit: Not pregnant, just compiling.

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    Love Jasper, wish I could use it )
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    Conor - love this one. I only wish it was less popular.
    Edward - the name is lovely but I can't see it on a real guy maybe The Twilight ruined all its British charm for me.(I don't know any Edwards IRL)
    Elliot is great, one of my favorite boy names. I just cringe when see it on a girl(Elleytte or how they do this) I love Elijah and Elisha as well.
    Jasper - interesting, but there is something that doesn't allow me love it. I guess I just don't like how the -per syllable sounds.
    Gus - all I think is a former Russian football team trainer. I don't feel anything abou this one.
    Oliver - great name, adorable nn Olly.
    Patrick - I first got to know Patrick as a last name and I do not know any Patricks but it's definitely masculine and handsome.
    Stephen - a bit dated for my taste but I know a great guy Stephen "Steph" so I quite like it.

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    I love them all except Conor. My fav is Elliot!

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    I love Jasper, Oliver and Patrick. (I like Elliott, but prefer it on a girl.)
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