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    Love Graham! I am trying to my husband into this if our next one is a boy!

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    I think I'm the only one who loves Stanley, but I love it with your sibset, especially Nigel!

    Stuart is great, but I agree that Stuart Taylor could be tricky. I like Miles and Graham too. Good luck!
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    Thankyou all. Interesting that there are a number comments about most of the names not fitting with our sibset. Don't want to bore you with our name demographics but Ryan and Joseph were named by me when I was 16 and they are 10+years older than Nigel and Claire. Also I didn't name Lucas - he is my stepson. So as far as names to fit you're pairing them mainly with Nigel and Claire if that helps!

    I think Miles is off the list, I just don't love it like the others. Peter, Adam, Francis, Stanley, Robert and Richard for middle names only. Which leaves:
    Stuart Taylor - I like this enough to not be bothered by the repeated t's
    Alan Taylor
    Geoffrey Taylor
    Keith Taylor
    Graham Taylor
    Mark Taylor

    Thanks for everyone's input, Sarah

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    Honestly, Miles and Peter are the only names that I see fitting with the other children.
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    If the names to match are Nigel and Claire, then I think the best names would be:
    Nigel, Claire and Stuart
    Nigel, Claire and Mark

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