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    I love that all your kids have names that start with different letters so if it were me I'd probably strike Robert, Richard, Jeffery from the list right away. (Though I do really like both Robert and Richard).

    The others: (favs*)
    Stuart - very handsome and distinguished. It has a similar feel to me as Joseph, Lucas, Nigel and Claire.
    Francis - I want to love this but it always feels a bit feminine to me. I'd probably avoid it given your other boys names are so distinctly male and Frances is so close to Frances.
    Alan - how very old school and charming. I think this fits in nicely with Joseph, Nigel and Claire.
    Geoffrey - I really like Geoffrey (this spelling better than with a J) I'm however not sure it's the best fit with your other kids names.
    Keith*** - I love Keith with your kids names, my number 1 choice from the ones you have so far. It's spunkier than many others on your list and I think it rounds out well with the more classic names as well.
    Graham* - Also a great choice the Grey opening feels very on trend yet the name still has some old-timey charm.
    Adam** - I've always loved Adam, if it doesn't bother you that your last (?) will be named after the frist man and that there is some sort of irony in that. I think this is a pretty rad choice.
    Mark* - clean, simple, strong.
    Stanley - I keep thinking about the mouse. Otherwise it's another one like this I'm not sure is perfect for your family.
    Peter - meh. Great name but it feels so passé to me. (Maybe I just know too many. I think I counted the other day and it was around a dozen).
    Miles - I just don't love Miles the way others do. Also it feels too close to Nigel for me which I know makes little sense but I just can't get over.
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    Stuart- Love Stuart, hate Stuart Taylor. It will slur to become Stuartaylor. Not a fan.
    Francis- Not really a fan of this one... it's too androgynous to me because of Frances.
    Alan- It's ok, although I prefer Allen.
    Geoffrey/Jeffrey- I prefer Geoffrey to Jeffrey, but I don't love either.
    Richard- I love this name, mostly due to the nn's...
    Keith- Too dated.
    Graham -Love this. Vintage, but completely underused.
    Adam- I like this name, but I don't love it.
    Mark- A great, underused name!
    Stanley- Too nerdy. Have you considered Stanton?
    Robert- Doesn't go with Taylor... it will become Robertaylor.
    Peter- Not a fan of Peter Taylor... they both end with the -r sound...
    Miles- Not really a fan... it almost seems like trying too hard...
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    To go with your kids' names, I'd probably go with Adam.

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    I like :

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    I honestly think that Miles and Adam are the only names that will work with the sib-set.

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