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    Love this list! I am about to become a grandma for the first time, but have been "name-obsessed" since age 10 -- and especially with "knightly" strong-but-romantic names. My son is named Tristan (and I gave him that name several years before "Legends of the Fall" when no one was using that name for baby boys :-) . . . and now he and his wife are expecting a baby boy. They were not crazy about three of my name suggestions -- Talon, Alaric, and Loic -- but do like Maro and Marin. In fact, they are now pretty committed to "Marin." (There was a lesser-known knight of the Round Table named Marin; he was given the Red City and eventually killed during the fighting surrounding the rescue of Guinevere from burning at the stake. There's also a children's book about a little boy named Marin who saves his town by dealing with a golden dragon.) Anyway, as much as I personally think "Marin" has that same strong-romantic-heroic sound as "Tristan," my concern is that, although "Marin" is very much considered solely a male name in France, Croatia, and Romania, it seems to be yet another name Americans are insisting on using for girls. (Why do people keep doing that??) Do you think it would be ok for my son to name his son Marin?

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