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    Oooh, great suggestions guys!

    Ninanoo, Ragnar is going on the list! You're right it's got something. And it was my grandfather's name so bonus points for that.

    C&P1: Whoa, love those! Can't believe I forgot about Arthur! I love Bawden, Connoc, Edmund, Enoder, Gawen, Grenfell (!), Guenedoc, Hender, Julian, Magnus, Morgan, Perran, Petheric, Ralph, Saundry, Talan and Yestin.

    Ash, Caspian, Shasta, Graham and Ferrars are on the list now. Great suggestions! And mine are mainly from literature too, don't you worry...

    DindleDina, Audric, Beyram, Ulmer and Merek are great! Thank you!

    Teagardens, yeah, I forgot about Artie... pretty silly, huh? I don't think Paladin is really a name, the Paladins were the peers of Charlemagne. Which makes it feel knightly to me... and it sounds cool! I love: Leofric, Amaury, Constantine, Marcus, Henrik, Ambrose, Mordecai, Evander, Finnegan and Evander the most. But so many great ones! Thanks.

    ElizabethRose, thank you! I love Yaromir, Vladimir, Theseus, Loxley, Desmond and Roman very much.

    Javad, I don't know a lot about Calidore, but from what I've heard it's made out of the Greek words kalus (beautiful) and doron (gifts). So beautiful gifts. He is the knight of courtesy, one of my favourites. I really like it too, as a middle name. I love Anatole (so cool and masculine!), Castiel, Caledon, Oberson, Theron, Tavish. I want to like Emmerich, but a recent literary experience has put me off this name.

    Bonfire, glad you like it! I thought it could be fun...

    Nellie, ooh, Conrad and Douglas are very good ones. And Hugh as well.

    Thanks everyone, more suggestions are welcome!
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