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    I forgot about this one! Thank you lovelies for adding wonderful suggestions!

    Gwen, I love Elyan and Pellinore! And Leander too, but it's been mentioned. Thank you!

    niteowl, oooh Osric and Alaric! Great names. Thanks a lot!

    Pat, thanks! I love Tristan, it's a glorious name!

    Kitty, hurray! Yes, there are some fabulous name on here i think. Rugged manly names...

    Saracita, yay, thank you! When the list function is up and working again I'm going to make a proper list and I'll link it to you if you want me to. Zephan is very cool indeed. Such an amazing list! I will add!!

    Whit, oh, Rilian! That is one of the best Narnian names (I need to read these books again, it's been 15 years or so...). And names from Prydian!! Thank you!!

    Lovely Zelia, you are a genius. These are all amazing. I love the rugged handsomeness of your suggestions. All very very sexy... Thank you!!!!

    (I am apologising for all the exclamation marks. I feel like Elaine in Seinfeld... if anyone gets that reference )
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    This is such a great list. I scanned it earlier and I can't wait to have internet access and a few baby-free minutes to scope out possibles for #3!
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