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    What's my style?

    I can't seem to find what name style I have. Can you tell? See signature below of names I love.
    Names I love for my future children:
    Girls: Maisy, Nora, Josephine, Lydia, Marian, Clementine, Amelia, Scout, Naomi, Darcy, Sage, Blair
    Boys:Gabriel/Gable, Kale, Easton, Jasper, Carlisle, Joseph, Jameson, Grant, Bennett, Asher

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    Your names seem very "Yupster" to me. Pam and Linda have a list of these types of names here: and here
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    I have a similar style and was wondering the same thing. I think yupster is actually pretty accurate.
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    Yupster? Maybe. I'd say strong and vintage.
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