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    Want Something Weird but not Stupid...

    I haven't written something in too long and I need some name suggestions. I'm trying to write something post-apocolyptic, and I want names you don't see much, but don't look or sound stupid and over the top. It could be anything from archaic names you never hear anymore to something made up, but doesn't look too trendy by today's standards, no Nevaeh or Avabellaleelynuneededletters.

    Some Finds

    Varina: Rhymes with Marina. Stole this from Varina Davis, First Lady of the Confederacy. I liked her name and I don't think she's well known enough for associations to be drawn. Can't find a consistent meaning for this, some people think it's a standalone name others think it's a variation of Verina.

    Elisenda: Was a medieval Queen of Aragon. Not sure if it works for a futuristic character. Sounds like it'd be better in a fantasy.

    No names for guys thus far.

    Help me out, list 5 or so names you'd use. Thanks

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