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  • Helena Marguerite

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    One last poll....

    So, we have circled back around to one of our earlier name choices and wanted to getcone last round of feedback from the berries on what I hope will be our final two choices (due tomorrow!)

    1. Helena Marguerite
    Pronounced Helen-a. Nickname Lenna.
    We have some concern that this name has a variety of pronunciations.

    2. Fiona Marguerite
    No nicknames planned.

    Big sisters are Jane and Vivian ( nicknamed Vivi).

    Marguerite is to honor our grandmothers, middle name non negotiable at this point.

    Any thoughts and comments, as always, are greatly appreciated!

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    Both are lovely and you can't go wrong! I voted for Helena because it is fresh and unexpected. It is a classic name with history and meaning. The pronunciation issues wouldn't bother me. I am pretty sure the pronunciation you picked is the most common one. People can mispronounce even the most common names anyways. Fiona is lovely as well, but does remind me of Shrek, which kinda ruins it for me a little.
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    Personally, I like Fiona more than Helena. If for no other reason than avoiding any pronunciation problems. Helena is a great name though, if you really love it, I would keep it.
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    I went for Helena Marguerite (for reasons I have explained before) but both are lovely. Good luck!

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    Thanks! I should've said that we actualy don't mind the sound of the other pronunciations, the concern is more that she may get annoyed with having to "correct" people. I agree though that many ppl pronounce names differently for a variety of reasons, it just seems this name is more predisposed to that than some based on our research on various name sites.

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