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Thread: A Real Charmer

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    I definitely thought of Charmaine, and Charmin toliet paper, however I don't live in England.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeacelove View Post
    I read Charmian as Charmaine at first so I think there will be some confusion. You will probably have to correct people, but that happens all the time so use it if you love it.
    This exactly.
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    alyssa897 Guest
    The first thing that came to mind was Charmin the toilet paper. Then I thought of Charmaine. If you don't have Charmin where you live then it most likely won't be a problem!

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    Hehe, I thought of Charmian Carr, who played Liesl in The Sound of Music, instead of toilet paper.

    I think the bigger issue would be that because it's not a familiar name, it's likely to be frequently read/pronounced as Charmaine. From the sounds of things, that would be extremely irritating for you.
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    @sweetpeacelove - Thank you very much (I'm not expecting or anything but for any name to pass the selection process into the 'list' takes a while). Thank you again!

    @cygnus - I am pronouncing it CAR-mee-un, but I understand that it can be pronounced CHAR-mee-un as well? I just really like the sound, but its similarity to Charmaine and also the fact that it will probably be mispronounced is slightly putting me off...eurgh.

    @east93 - Why does toilet paper have to be so attractively named? Thank you - I hadn't realised how ubiquitous this brand was!

    @stephanie413 - Thank you - it's probably a bad sign if all this toilet paper stuff is putting me off slightly though... Maybe I don't love it as much as I thought I did?

    @alyssa897 - Thank you - there will still be the Charmaine problem though. I'm just not sure, if there are other names I like more, if it's worth the hassle? It won't be a problem for a while, but still. Thank you!

    @strawberrytree - I love The Sound of Music (and Liesl is adorable) and I'm glad it doesn't immediately spring to mind. But yes, the Charmaine phantom would linger on... Haha, it's not as if I hate it that much really, I just strongly dislike the sound and the association. Also, my name is always frequently misspelt/mispronounced and I've always said my children's names would not have the same problem. Anyway, thank you very much.

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