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    Talking Lottie

    First of all, I say that's not for my baby on the way because we have almost decided on her name. So if you like to help only parents naming their child-to-be, feel free to skip this post.
    Recently I noticed people started using nicknames on it own. I love the idea because there are so many wonderful nickname that do no need to be a short form of something. I've heard Evie, Lulu, Nellie, Hattie() and Lottie. The latter one made me think seriously. I really love Lottie on its own but only can imagine in on a child or a young woman, not a grown-up or a old lady. Maybe that's because I don't know any Lotties but I wonder : what do you think of using Lottie as a full name? And could you think of some names that can be shortened to Lottie(besides Charlotte)?

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