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  • Hannah

    15 18.07%
  • Beatrix

    28 33.73%
  • Evangeline

    26 31.33%
  • Dahlia

    19 22.89%
  • Linnea

    22 26.51%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which name is nicest?

    At the moment these are my top five names for a girl. My last name is part of my username. What do you think? And any suggestions for middle names would be appreciated.

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    Well, I like them all, except Hannah is a bit boring. I picked Evangeline. I do love it, and it sounds best with your last name.
    I like Beatrice better than Beatrix and I think Dahlia and Linnea are lovely, but Evangeline Christie has the best flow.

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    I've been ranting recently about the name Linnea. I think it's an absolutely beautiful name but I disagree with how nameberry says it's pronounced. I come from an extremely swedish family. Like my grandmother was off the boat as a teenager. Her sister's name is Linnea but all my swedish relatives pronounce it Li-neer not Li-nay-ah. Even pronouncing it Li-nay is okay but there isn't a third syllable in the name. So I guess I'll vote for Linnea but I just wish they would change that. Sorry for venting it just bugs me hah.
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    I think Hannah is a gorgeous name. I like all the names except Evangeline-I can't not get into that name. I find it a bit over the top sorry-but it is obviously a nameberry favourite!

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    My favorites are Linnea, Evangeline, and Beatrix. All lovely names.

    Beatrix Linnea is gorgeous.
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