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    Name and nickname suggestions

    I'm looking for a name and nickname for a little sister that fits with the name and nickname of big sister Josephine/JoJo. Importantly, neither name should end in y/ie (just because of our last name). We are having a hard time agreeing. Husband loves Josephine for the sophisticated French feel. I love it for the sweet old fashioned feel. Thus, our lists for the new baby are pretty different. I'd love to get some fresh ideas. Before having a child I thought a nickname wasn't important to me, but somehow in our family a little person just ends up getting a little name. It's going to happen so I'd rather plan for it and have it flow with JoJo (but not another repeating syllable name). A shorter name with no nickname needed would be fine with me (currently adore Flora) but husband prefers longer names. Ideas?

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    Florence? Josephine and Florence sounds great together.
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    Isabelle was the first thing that came to mind, with the nickname Belle.

    Anais nn Ana
    Annabelle nn Belle or Anna
    Antoinette nn Ana or Etta
    Ariane nickname Ann or Ria
    Béatrice nn Bea or Tris (You can probably ditch the accent mark)
    Célestin/e nn Tina or Celeste (Again, you can ditch the accent)
    Celine nn Lina
    Clementine nn Tina or Cimmi (prn Kimmy)
    Corinne nn Cora
    Cosette nn Coco
    Desiree nn Ray
    Dominique nn Min
    Etiennette nn Etta
    Eugenie nn Jane
    Felicienne nn Enna or Liss
    Gabrielle nn Bree or Elle
    Gwendoline nn Gwen
    Leontine or Leonie nn Lea
    Maeva nn Mae
    Margeurite nn Mae, Daisy or Pearl
    Melisande nn Mel
    Nicolette nn Nico or Nic
    Rosalie nn Rose
    Seraphine nn Sera
    Veronique nn Vera
    Zephyrine nn Zeff or Rin
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    It's hard to think of nicknames that don't end in the y sound! Not sure if I'm on track, but maybe it will spark something:
    Amelia - Mia
    Loretta - Etta
    Margaret - Greta or Margo but not sure of JoJo and Margo together
    Eloise - French feel with vintage charm - could shorten to Ella or even Lola
    Gwendolyn or Gwyneth - Gwen (I have a Gwendolyn and considered Josephine for #2).

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