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    Some women have genuine Hyperemesis Gravidarum and are sick until the moment they deliver. They're usually admitted frequently to the hospital and have home infusion services for IV hydration and possibly TPN (nutrition by vein) since they literally cannot eat anything for 9 months. The pathophysiology behind morning sickness in general is still poorly understood; it's theorized to be a response to B-HCG (to which most women develop a tolerance by their second trimester), which is why women with a twin gestation such as yourself feel sicker.

    Stress incontinence is very common amongst women who are currently pregnant or who have had a prior vaginal delivery. The more pregnancies and vaginal deliveries you've had, the higher your risk. Even if you ultimately had a c-section, a prolonged labor/pushing phase can cause the damage. @RGE it's extremely unlikely to be related to a c-section incision as the relevant structures are far, far away. For currently pregnant women, it's a mechanical weakening of the external urethral sphincter coupled with the weight and pressure of the uterus on the bladder (which is in front of the uterus and gets smooshed as pregnancy progresses).
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    I had morning sickness for about 24 weeks - it got better by about 18 weeks, but I was still still vomiting at least once most days. I never had a problem with urinating, though.
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    I hope you're feeling better soon.

    I also have a friend who was sick her entire pregnancy..not fun and not fair. I've been pretty lucky in general, but what nausea I did have peaked later than most--around weeks 12-16. I'm sure you've tried it all, but: ginger candies, lollypops, potato rolls, pressure point wrist bands, eating frequent very very small meals. I second jemama's advice to ask your doctor for some options, there are things you can take for the nausea (again, they dont work for everyone, but worth a shot).
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    A friend of mine was telling me squats help with the peeing more than kegels -because they strengthen the pelvic floor and support the organs better or something. I haven't had a chance to ask my doctor but maybe that is worth looking into if it really does help? I found this blog that talks about it: http://journeytocrunchville.wordpres...-doing-kegels/ but not sure how scientific it is, just wanted to share in case it could help since squats certainly couldn't hurt.
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    I was sick till week 24 with my first, and about week 28 this time. Though it still pops up occasionally now at 32 weeks. I haven't thrown up in a while, but I do have incontinence problems when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. I would recommend cloth menstrual pads (also called mama cloth). They are so much more comfortable to wear all the time (no diaper rash!) and they'll save you money. I like tree huggers cloth pads and domino pads, but there are a ton of options out there. There are a lot on etsy too. The ones with a fleece backing and wings stay in place better than PUL or cotton backing in my experience. I read a blog once where they called the sneezing incontinence the dreaded sniss :-) Now every time I sneeze and run to the bathroom, my husband says, "Ah, the dreaded sniss." Sigh. Pregnancy is not always pretty ;-) I hope you feel better soon!
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