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    Last meal and other preparations

    So I was wondering what those of you who had planned cesareans or inductions had as your "last meal" before going into the hospital?
    And what kind of home preparations you did, especially before c-section.

    I had a giant italian feast the night before going in for my induction. And this time around, we're planning a fun tapas filled night at one of our favorite restaurants.
    But i've read that those knowing they were going in for cesareans avoided certain foods like those that take longer to digest... So if that's the case, I may rethink my choice of meals.

    I'll be having a c-section this time. And I was curious to know if any of you had any tips for preparing the home during recovery. I've been told that stairs are your worst enemy, so since there is a giant staircase leading up to our home, I figure i'm going to be locked away for a bit. Just wondering how I can make my life (and my SO's life) a bit easier during the transition.
    I'm a neat freak, so i'm already planning on making sure the house is spotless, and that the fridge is stocked. But are there any other suggestions from you experienced ones out there?
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    I was thinking this thread belonged in the Death Row forum.

    Modern obstetric practices fully support eating & drinking throughout labor (no one wants to eat during delivery itself). If you have an epidural then there is essentially no chance you will need to be intubated for general anesthesia, hence no risk of aspiration, hence no risks to eating and drinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I was thinking this thread belonged in the Death Row forum.
    Lol me too!

    I had my favourite Chinese meal the night before I had my tonsils taken out a few years ago. I was SO excited, I think I frightened all the doctors and nurses. I even asked for my glasses back so I could watch them put the needle in the back of my hand.

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    I had an "emergency" induction that ended in a c-section. I went to the hospital around 4 pm on my OB's instructions to get checked out because my blood pressure was slightly high, didn't get out of the hospital until 9 pm with orders to come back at 8 am the next morning. I was so nervous and excited and scared that I honestly didn't eat much that night. Some cereal maybe I think? Little did I know that the hospital prohibits eating and drinking while in labor, so after 23 hours of labor with nothing but ice chips, chicken broth, and popsicles I was faint and shaky. It was a horrible experience, next time I will know to eat as much as possible the night before my c-section. Probably sushi and chocolate cake, knowing myself.

    Some tips for recovery: walk/move very slowly the first week, don't overdo it, take your prescribed pain meds on schedule. I was in the hospital for 3 days and once I left the hospital I stupidly thought I could wait until the next morning to get my pain med script filled, and I was in a lot of pain that first night. Advil wouldn't touch it. I made my husband leave as soon as the pharmacy opened the next morning. Honestly, the first 3 days are the hardest and you usually are in the hospital for at least 2 of those. Once you are home, you usually aren't in too much pain anymore...just sore and achy and weak. Take warm showers and let the soap run down to your incision, don't touch it and don't try to directly wash it. We have 3 steps leading to our front door, and it wasn't so bad getting up them as long as I did it slowly. Oh, and eat lightly the first few days. I remember having the worst gas that first week (all the trapped air from the surgery) and eating was like torture. I lived on yogurt and Gatorade. The gas was so painful, I wish someone would have told me about it.

    Anyway, good luck with the delivery and congrats on another beautifully named daughter.
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    I can't offer any advice on the meal side of things -- I was admitted for a planned induction due to elevated BP, which they then cancelled, and I went into spontaneous labour on my own (still at the hospital) they day after the planned induction. I was given normal hospital meals while there. I couldn't stomach any food while in labour -- even the smell of the meal they brought my partner made me want to be sick!

    I did end up with an emergency c-section however. I'd had my surgery so late in the day I spent from the time the operation was performed, sometime after 3pm, til the next morning...maybe 7am or so, in my hospital bed without getting up. So I found getting up out of bed and having a shower (my partner helped with that), the most painful. Sitting up didn't bother me too much, and walking slowly didn't cause me too much pain either. It was going from lying down, to sitting up that was tender, and I found I had to sleep on my back (couldn't manage my sides) for a few weeks. That was hard for me, I'd so been looking forward to being able to sleep on my tummy again!

    Knowing beforehand that you're going to have a surgical birth is an advantage, I was just so lucky I didn't find recovery too bad. I know alot of people find it really painful. I'm quite likely going to be having a repeat c-section and I'm hoping I find the recovery as much as a non-event as I did the first time round. I think I actually still have some of the pain meds from my prescription from my c-section in the back of a cupboard somewhere, voltaren & tramadol, that I didn't end up taking...I should probably bin them actually.

    I second what rowangreeneyes said about the washing and aftercare of the wound -- but they will give you all the info on how to care for the wound before you leave the hospital. Remember just to pat the wound dry with a clean towel, I sometimes used my hairdrier on the low setting just to make sure the area was nice and dry before getting dressed. I'd also forgotten about the gas thing! I remember the morning after, the hospital midwife asking if I'd passed gas yet! I wasn't expecting that question.
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