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    Niall is the opposite of crusty. A member of One Direction is named Niall Horan, which definetly gives it a fresher feel and also means most people would know how to spell and pronounce Niall. Niall Grey and Felix Peter would be adorable twins to meet
    Right Now I would name them...
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    No. Niall is cool.

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    I really love this name. It was on our short list if we were having a boy.
    I don't find it old man or nerdy in the least.
    The problem is more on the pronunciation side here in the US...

    Niall Gray sounds great together!
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    It's the name of one of the members of One Direction, and he's only 19, so no, it's not old-man sounding at all. Most people would know how to pronounce it if you want it to be pronounced like Nile, for that very reason.
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    I love Niall and it would be on my list if it wasn't so close to Niles and people mistake my sons name Nils for Niles pretty constantly. Makes me think of the actor Niall Matter who is smoking hot.
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