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    Twin suggestions?

    I love playing around with names (my friend suggested I become a professional baby namer,because I enjoy it so much), and I'm wondering what twin names you'd make from the ones in my signature They are:

    Natalie Francesca
    Ashleigh Claire
    Gemma Olivia
    Sarah Violet
    Nicola Danielle
    Courtney Eloise
    Laura Paige
    Stephanie Alison
    Rhiannon Alice
    Kirsty Elise
    Kelsey London

    Joshua Thomas
    Patrick Daniel
    Nathan James
    Noah Lucas
    Henry Michael
    Liam Robert
    Adam Matthew
    Anthony Joel
    Bryson Andrew
    Jamie Cameron
    Brogan Oliver
    Jake William
    Landon Christopher
    17. name lover. hoping to have kids of my own one day.

    Little Ladies:
    Lucie Olivia|Audrey Nicole|Bryony Elise|Elsie Rose|Sienna Louise|Felicity Noelle|Clara Danielle|Evangeline Claire|Liliana Kate|Larissa Maeve|Fallon Rosalie|Tessa Violet

    Little Gentlemen:
    Joshua Thomas|Cameron Patrick|Bryson Andrew|Brogan Oliver|Anthony Joel|Jamie William|Adam Michael|Landon Christopher|Dylan Robert|Charlie James

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    I think my dream career would be either being on the board of research for onomastics in any language I can speak, or to name the people in textbooks. No more "Sue goes to the store and buys 5 pineapples…" haha

    I like these together:
    Natalie Francesca & Gemma Olivia
    Courtney Eloise & Rhiannon Alice
    Laura Paige & Sarah Violet

    Patrick Daniel & Jake William
    Nathan James & Adam Matthew
    Jamie Cameron & Brogan Oliver

    Patrick Daniel & Laura Paige
    Nathan James & Rhiannon Alice
    Jamie Cameron & Gemma Olivia - I like these two together, even though they're borderline sing-songy. It reminds me of Jeremy & Jemima from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I think Jamie & Gemma are really sweet.
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Vivian Lilac
    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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