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    Name the Babies, Unusual Names Edition RESULTS


    The Ivory Family

    Catherine and Drake are having a boy. His first name should start with L and be at least 5 letters long, and his middle name should be a bird.
    DD: Whitney Swan Ivory (drvc)
    DS: Elton Finch Ivory (EmilyDanielle)
    DD: Nayeli Robin Ivory (Michelle6942)

    DS: Lincoln Hawk Ivory (drvc)


    The Blue Family

    Arista and Seal are having a girl. They want to keep up the same first and middle themes as they did with her siblings. (place name, fantasy, mythology or fairy tale middle name.

    DD: Alaska Fairy Blue (Loony_Lovegood)
    DD: Vienna Mermaid Blue (Invisiblestudent)
    DS: Phoenix Apollo Blue (sofiarosem)
    DD: Sahara Phoebe Blue (whovianhorselover)


    The Green Family

    Fillip "Flip" Green and his wife Adira Green are twins, having their fourth boy and first girl. They want them to have “t-on” names with nicknames, and classic middle names.
    DS: KingstonKingMatthew Green (amburli)
    DS: Boston "Boss" Jack Green (DRVC)
    DS: Lexington “LexSamuel Green (Cayleen)
    DS/DD: Saxton “SaxArthur Green / BrittonBrittAlice Green (drvc/bowtiful)


    The Pink Family

    Konrad and Rainbow are having a girl. Her first and middle initials should be HP.

    DD: Klementine Hyacinth Pink (hillarytee)
    DD/DS: Jessalyn Konnie Pink & Konner Pine Pink (loony-lovegood &Invisiblestudent)
    DS: Jeremiah Kane Pink (allij28)
    DD: Hester Phoebe Pink (niffy)


    The Gold Family

    Treyton and Doe having a girl. They want to keep the theme, -ley first names, and virtue middle names.

    DD: Quinley Faith Gold (emilydanielle)
    DS: Zailey Noble Gold (blaklava)
    DD/DS: Brinley Hope Gold / Radley Prosper Gold (sofiarosem/allij28)

    DD: Marley Ever Gold (blaklava)


    The Light Family

    Arthur and his wife Tyler are having a girl. They want her first name to be a water name and her middle name to be a flower.

    DS: River Murray Light (meganlee2012)
    DD: Misty James Light (Blaklava)
    DS/DD: Ford Byron Light and Bay Gardenia Light (allij28)
    DD: Marina Tulip Light (niffy)

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