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    Name the Babies, Unusual Names Edition RESULTS


    The Ivory Family

    Catherine and Drake are having a boy. His first name should start with L and be at least 5 letters long, and his middle name should be a bird.
    DD: Whitney Swan Ivory (drvc)
    DS: Elton Finch Ivory (EmilyDanielle)
    DD: Nayeli Robin Ivory (Michelle6942)

    DS: Lincoln Hawk Ivory (drvc)


    The Blue Family

    Arista and Seal are having a girl. They want to keep up the same first and middle themes as they did with her siblings. (place name, fantasy, mythology or fairy tale middle name.

    DD: Alaska Fairy Blue (Loony_Lovegood)
    DD: Vienna Mermaid Blue (Invisiblestudent)
    DS: Phoenix Apollo Blue (sofiarosem)
    DD: Sahara Phoebe Blue (whovianhorselover)


    The Green Family

    Fillip "Flip" Green and his wife Adira Green are twins, having their fourth boy and first girl. They want them to have “t-on” names with nicknames, and classic middle names.
    DS: KingstonKingMatthew Green (amburli)
    DS: Boston "Boss" Jack Green (DRVC)
    DS: Lexington “LexSamuel Green (Cayleen)
    DS/DD: Saxton “SaxArthur Green / BrittonBrittAlice Green (drvc/bowtiful)


    The Pink Family

    Konrad and Rainbow are having a girl. Her first and middle initials should be HP.

    DD: Klementine Hyacinth Pink (hillarytee)
    DD/DS: Jessalyn Konnie Pink & Konner Pine Pink (loony-lovegood &Invisiblestudent)
    DS: Jeremiah Kane Pink (allij28)
    DD: Hester Phoebe Pink (niffy)


    The Gold Family

    Treyton and Doe having a girl. They want to keep the theme, -ley first names, and virtue middle names.

    DD: Quinley Faith Gold (emilydanielle)
    DS: Zailey Noble Gold (blaklava)
    DD/DS: Brinley Hope Gold / Radley Prosper Gold (sofiarosem/allij28)

    DD: Marley Ever Gold (blaklava)


    The Light Family

    Arthur and his wife Tyler are having a girl. They want her first name to be a water name and her middle name to be a flower.

    DS: River Murray Light (meganlee2012)
    DD: Misty James Light (Blaklava)
    DS/DD: Ford Byron Light and Bay Gardenia Light (allij28)
    DD: Marina Tulip Light (niffy)
    I like WAY too many names to list, but here are some of them:
    Kennedy Emerson Eliot Sasha Jaxon Braxton Jase Alva Fox Asa Carbry Zia
    Anderson Dara
    Nova Briar Michaela Montserrat Cadence Harriet Phoenix Logan Star Justine Faith
    If you would like to vote again, here's my list: (Last Update: January 17th, 2017)

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