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    Reactions to Names

    Among some of my friends today, we were talking about how our dream houses would look, and I decided to bring up names for future kids (we are all around the age of fourteen). The only other girl who had thought about it said she'd have a boy and a girl named Matthew and Savannah. So, for fun, I decided to run through the more unusual names in my list, including the combos:

    Saskia Mabel
    Evander Matteo
    Isadora Beatrix
    Felicity Arwen
    Zebediah Rune
    Cyrus Adriano
    Cordelia Maeve

    And the ones in my signature.

    I was expecting some expressions of disbelief, and she gasped in horror. "It's a good thing you're not going to have a child for a long time. And by then, hopefully your husband can talk some sense into you."

    When I laughed at that, she said: "This sounds kind of mean, but I hope you never have a kid if you're going to name them something like that."

    I took it in stride, because I was expecting something like that, but I'm really glad I'm young and not pregnant or TTC.
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    Haha I suppose I'm one of the ones unaffected by my time here. I would have had a similar reaction as her (although not nearly as blunt). The only name on your list I would deem usable is Felicity. But hey, in my opinion, if you like the name, then that's great. You've just got to understand that not everyone will. And, depending on where you live, the more unusual it is, the more complaints like that you get.

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    You have wonderful names picked out and none of them made me flinch!! I love to throw my ultimate guilty pleaure out at people... its Ursula for a little girl and people are always shocked

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    I love Saskia so much. If I was your friend I'd be bummed I didn't think of it first.

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    I personally think you have much more mature and eclectic taste than most other kids your age. My favorites back then were horrendous for the most part! There are some real gems on your list in my opinion. I think your friend's choices are a bit of a snooze fest to be honest. Your taste may change as you get older but I hope you won't succumb to other's harsh opinions just because you choose to go against the mainstream.
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