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Thread: Bartholomew

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    I surprised myself in liking Bartholomew I think it pairs really well with Letitia but agree with others- a short, plainer name in the middle spot would work best: Bartholomew Luke, Bartholomew George, Bartholomew Jude, Bartholomew Max. Bartholomew Jack is my favourite from others' suggestions.

    I love Olly and Art/Artie as nicknames! There's Barty too, but given your dislike of Bart it's probably a no-go
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    Boys are weird. Bartholomew? It's too Biblical for me, but I can (maybe) see the appeal. I think Dantea's nickname suggestions were awesome, I'm personally incredibly bad and lousy at nicknames so I'm not going to suggest any. I've never watched The Simpsons so that's not an association for me, but I know most people have seen it.

    You're into two middles right?

    Letitia Primrose Jane & ...
    Bartholomew Otto Miles
    Bartholomew Enzo Lloyd
    Bartholomew Kit Xavier
    Bartholomew Hugo Grey
    Bartholomew Rupert Blaise
    Bartholomew Edmund Heath
    Bartholomew Wilfred Rhett
    Bartholomew Maxwell Cole
    Bartholomew Lawrence Kay
    Bartholomew Maksim Brett
    Bartholomew Fraser Cliff
    Bartholomew Jasper Dune
    Bartholomew Douglas Moor
    Bartholomew Alfred Bay
    Bartholomew Conrad Beck
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    I absolutely love Bartholomew, but don't think I'd ever be brave enough to use it.

    Tolly is my nn of choice, it has more charm to it then Ollie.
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    I think Bartholomew is cute! I do agree that Olly is probably the best nick name, since you dont like Bart.
    Good Luck!
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    Thank you all ladies! Coming back to PC to get that much feedback was great.
    @charlieandperry: Bartholomew Jude is wonderful! I really love Jude in the middl name spot
    @ottilie: I haven't watched the Simpsons either but I sometimes see the show advertised. Anyway, I think there are much worse associations. And I love your middle name suggestions, they really fit my style! Thank you so much. Bartolomew Wilfred Rhett is just perfection, going on my list!
    @maggiemary: I never thought it was an option but my BF says it's his favorite name. Men are weird, you know Actually, I think it's growing on me. And I really love the ideas of calling little Bartholomew Olly or Tolly.

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