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Thread: Bartholomew

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    Thank you all ladies! I was really interested to get your feedback. I see it's not everybody's cup of tea but I think we need to think away the Simpsons and other TV shows. They use some great names there(Oscar, Jarret, Bartholomew, Constance) but the names should not be tied.
    I love almost every middle name suggestions, especially James(my all-time favorite), August(my GP), Silas, Elias, Felix, Jack(another long-time love), Finn and Heath(loving this one recently).
    @mischa: that's great there are some people who think we should reconsider Bartholomew and I am glad you like it.
    @javad: that's the thing - I don't like Simpsons... But I think we won't call him Bart anyway.
    I've done some research and found Art, Olly and Tom all derived from Bartholomew. Do you think they will make the name for child-friendly and less Simpson-y?

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    Bartholomew is actually quite fun! I really like it and it sounds very cute with Letitia. Also, my first thought was not "Bart Simpson" so I don't think you should worry about that association. If you actually used it on your little boy, people who knew him would stop relating it to the Simpsons and only think of your little Bartholomew when they heard it.

    I love the way Bartholomew August and Bartholomew Jack sound. I think a more spunky, "kid-friendly" middle name would work very well with Bartholomew, and both August and Jack seem to match those guidelines to me. Bartholomew Jack would have to be my favourite.

    As for nick names, I think Olly sounds really sweet. It's very in right now because of Oliver, so I think it would be a very cute choice. Art is also very cute, or perhaps Artie? I don't really like Tom though. It's very boring and common, and if you're going to go the distance and name your child Bartholomew, I think giving him a plain nick name like Tom would be a bit of a waste of an awesome name. So something more unique and fun like Olly or Artie would be my choice!

    Good luck!
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    Thank you, heidieliza. I feel like I am leaning towards Olly too

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    I actually really like it. It's cool and sophisticated. I don't know about middles, but for nicknames I would try:

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    It's funny because I've been thinking about this name a lot lately. My dream (yet sadly pretty unusal) twin boys would be Bartholomew and Balthazar, but I dislike the thought of Bart so I've always discounted Bartholomew. However when researching the name I found the nickname Tolly - which, while it's not exactly the most natural of nicknames, works as a nice alternative if you dislike Bart. I would definitely do something short in the middle name place, Bartholomew James, Bartholomew Keith, Bartholomew Dane, Bartholomew Lee etc etc.
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