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Thread: Bartholomew

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    Question Bartholomew

    Today while talking about the baby my boyfriend mentioned he would like to have a boy soon(!) since this time we are expecting a girl. A name nerd, I was like: "What would you name him them?" and he replied: "Bartholomew".
    I was quiet surprised. My boyfriend has a very common name and everyone in his family do. But Bartholomew is so pretty unusual. I never like it because of the Simpsons connection but the more I think about it the less I dislike it.
    Bartholomew has a vintage feel and I am a fan of old-fashioned names. Actually, as I remembered recently, it has kind of special meaning for me. Although, I am at loss for nicknames. I can't stand Bart but are there other names to shorten it? Lo, Tolly?
    What are your thoughts on Bartholomew? We are most likely naming our baby girl Letitia, so Letitia and Bartholomew? I would be grateful if you could suggest nickname and middle name ideas.

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    I'm not big on Bartholomew, but you should go with a name you guys like. It does fit well with Letitia. The only nn I can think of is Bart. I'd pair it with a classic middle name...

    Bartholomew James
    Bartholomew August
    Bartholomew Edward
    Bartholomew Cyrus
    Bartholomew Jonas
    Bartholomew Oskar
    Bartholomew Christian
    Bartholomew Silas
    Bartholomew Cyril
    Bartholomew Lars
    Bartholomew Anders
    Bartholomew Lance
    Bartholomew Keane
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    I honestly don't like Bartholomew but I think it goes quite well with Letitia. I can't think of any reasonable nicknames that go with it.

    Batholomew Elias
    Batholomew Charles
    Batholomew Felix
    Batholomew Isaac
    Batholomew Thomas

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    Bartholomew isn't really to my taste. It's quite a hefty, somewhat unfriendly sounding name on it's own, with a bit of a pretentious feeling. And that's without the Bart Simpson association, and with that association then the name takes on a completely different personality, specifically that of Bart. If I was to come up with a NN to go with Bartholomew (and it is a name that'd require a NN), I'd make lots of effort to avoid the NN Bart (way too Simpson-y.. even though I have always loved The Simpsons immensely). Tolly is an interesting option. Feels friendly, though not quite intuitive as a NN for Bartholomew.
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    I love Bartholomew. It's quite an undiscovered gem from the Bible so I'm so pleased that someone is considering it. It's a great blend of classic refinement and quirky cool. I could care less about Bart Simpson. Tolly is a spunky nn and Bartholomew goes so well with Letitia. I would choose something short as a mn choice.

    Bartholomew Jack
    Bartholomew Tate
    Bartholomew James
    Bartholomew Reid
    Bartholomew Finn
    Bartholomew Dean
    Bartholomew Quinn
    Bartholomew Vaughn
    Bartholmew Shane
    Bartholomew Grant
    Bartholomew Hale
    Bartholomew Heath
    Bartholomew John
    Bartholomew Zane
    Bartholomew Rhys
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