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    Which spelling is better?

    Rhimor or Rhymer?

    Let me know which you prefer because I'm struggling to decide and please also mention why you prefer that spelling.
    Looking forward to all the opinions! Thanks in advance

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    Of the two, I prefer Rhymer. Another option could be Reimer? It's a popular surname where I live, and pronounced the same way.

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    Rhymer! It looks more legitimate and simply more correct to me. Rhimor looks a lot like rhino. Also, my first attempt at pronouncing it was "rih-MORE" but Rhymer is obviously RYE-mer. Good luck!

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    Rhymer looks more like the pronounciation of "rye-mer." Rhimor seems more like "rih-more." I suppose it depends what pronounciation you're going for.

    I second the suggtion of Reimer spelling. It's a pretty popular surname here, too. I feel like it would be spelled correctly more often because it's a little more recognized.

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    Rhymer feels like the description word of someone who rhymes (i.e. hip-hop artists, poets, etc), which makes me think it'd make a really cool MN for the son of someone who is a writer/musician. Rhimor doesn't have such an intuitive pronunciation, almost looks like it could read 'reem-or'.
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