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  • Linky Elizabeth Daniels

    0 0%
  • Sparrow Eliza Daniels

    13 48.15%
  • Faith Elizabeth Daniels

    3 11.11%
  • Mia Elizabeth Daniels

    11 40.74%
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    Which one of these character names is the best?

    I've posted maybe 3-5 topics about this and this is my final decision for my character's name.
    Evergreen eyes, dimples. A witty, independent, wealthy teen. Has maybe 1-2 best friends and her father is dead. Her mother's whereabouts are unknown. The fortune she owns was inherited by her father.

    It's really time to decide and I'm having 2nd thoughts on my original decision, so I was wondering what you thought.

    Thanks so much. You have all been a tremendous help in this process and this character is very near and dear to my heart because she is so much like me (I'm 13 almost 14 so I guess that should help break the creepiness level lol) Thanks again for all the amazing help!
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    I voted for Mia.

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    I voted for Sparrow, but I really love Eliza for the character's first name!
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    For some reason I'm picturing a young Miranda Kerr, so I voted for Sparrow. (please vote!)

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    I like Faith the best but I didn't vote for that choice because I remembered that there is a news anchor called Faith Daniels. I can't imagine many wealthy people choosing Sparrow (Nicole Richie is an exception) and Linky sounds like an upper class nickname for Lavinia, Liana, Leslie or something. You could even use Linky as a nn for Elizabeth. I voted for Mia.
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