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    Ottilie - o-TIL-ee-UH (you can also say O-tuh-lee, but it's not how it's supposed to be pronounced)
    Ephraim - EE-phrum
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapphires View Post
    Ottilie -- OTT-ill-ee
    Ephraim -- eff-RAYM

    That's how I pronounce them, anyway
    I pronounce them like this, though I've never actually heard them spoken so it's just a guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    I pronounce them like this, though I've never actually heard them spoken so it's just a guess.
    I've never heard Ephraim pronounced, so that was just a guess. I've met a few girls named Ottilie, and they all pronounced it OTT-ill-ee, so I just assumed that was correct.
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    I pronounce them Ott-uh-lee & EE-phrum
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    I don't know how to pronounce Ottilie, but where I'm from, "OTT" comes out as "odd" pretty much every time, so saying "OTT-uh-lee" sounds awkward as heck to me, and "ODD-uh-lee" sounds like a stretched out "oddly". The German "o-TEE-lee-a" is GORGEOUS, though!

    I've heard Ephraim a few different ways: EE-free-im, ef-RAYM, EE-frum, EF-rhyme, and EFF-rum.
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