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    Spoke to hubby tonight AND we're thinking maybe the middle name is negotiable after all... Picking the middle name before the first name is probably the wrong way to go about doing things!!!

    So, we do like the idea of using an honoring name as the middle name. Jameson appealed because it means 'James's son', and my husband name is James, my dad's middle name is James, and my grandfathers name was James so it seemed very fitting.... James itself is out as my husband has a son from a previous relationship who already has James as a middle name.

    I've removed the middle names from my name list for the time being, and added a couple of extra names that Hubby came up with - would appreciate a revote without the middle name swaying opinion.

    Other family name options:

    John (I also really like the spelling Jon)
    Robert (needs to be a variation of)
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