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    Your favourite names from the British Telegraph Birth Announcements.

    I don't think I can be the only one who gazes through the BTBA with amazement, so come on, and share your favourites!

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    I used to collect Telegraph announcements. Here are some of my old favourites:

    Cecily, a sister for Fitz, Florence, Tuppy, Millie, Clara, Octavia and Theo.
    Hero Genevieve Tallulah, a sister for Gus, Daisy, Archie and Conrad.
    Jago Arthur Charles, a brother for Romilly, Penn and Cecilia.
    Arlo Alexander Telfer, a brother for Wilf and Hermione.
    Persephone Elizabeth, a sister for Hermione, Ella and Henry.
    Hermione Lydia, a sister for Sebastian
    Ottilie India, a sister for Hermione and Freya.
    Rose Hermione, a sister to Florence and Clementine.
    Henry Frederick Charles, a brother for Eloise and Jemima.
    Hermione Alice Eily, a sister for Louis and Scarlett.
    William Robert Willoughby, a brother for Anastasia, Octavia and Antonia.
    Amelia Scarlett India, a sister to Orlando, Felix and Willoughby.
    Florentina Emilie, a sister for Georgina, Christopher, Charlie, Clementina, Gabriella, Montgomery, Cordelia, Angelina, Seraphina, Decima and Delphine.
    Cecily Florence Adeline, a sister for Cordelia and Barnaby.
    Sebastian Harvey, a brother for Giacomo and Cordelia.
    Martha Sophie Poppy, a sister for Tilly and Olive.
    twin daughters, Flora and Olive.
    Oscar Jack Peter, a brother for Kit and Jemima.
    Josephine Alice (Posy), a sister for Ned, Bea and Kit.
    Araminta ('Minty') Isobel Rose, a sister for Mungo.
    India Aurelia Elizabeth, a sister for Araminta and Henry.
    Ignatius Mungo, brother to the gorgeous Atticus Monty, the beautiful Octavius Kit, and the precious Ptolemy Ned.
    Rafferty Mungo Kit.
    Christophe Charles Emett (Kit), a brother for Doug, Tilly, Ned and Dash.
    Lola Môr Theadora Louise, a sister to Eliza and Kit.
    Ophelia, a sister for Florence and Kit.
    William Charles and Kit George, brothers for Finn and Ned.
    Somerley Clementine Elektra Hay, a beautiful a sister for Marlow.
    Isadora Kallisto Drinkall Gash, a sister for Camilla, Phoebe, Oliver, Hector, Xanthe, Francesca, Aloysius and Beatrice.
    Mimosa Araminta Agnes, a sister for Florence, Poppy, Posy, William and Theo.
    Rafferty Gabriel Theodore Heseltine, a brother for Mungo and Isabella.
    twins: Araminta Beatrice and Algernon Michael Edgar.
    Mungo Campbell, a brother for Archie & Fergus
    Albert (Bertie) Francis Mycroft, a brother for Daisy and Mungo.
    Mungo Louis Felix, a brother for Maxi and Monty.
    Ophelia Eleanor Grace, sister to Clementine, Theodora, Henrietta and Edward.
    Lila Corinna, a sister for Matilda, Cosmo and Jemima.
    Augustine Geoffrey Hugh (Gus), a brother for Ollie, Fleur and Cosmo.
    Cosmo Nigel Charles, a brother for Oscar and Daphne.
    Hector Edward Hugo, a brother for Cosmo and Felix
    Felix Patrick Barnaby, a brother for Oscar and William.
    Barnaby Rollo Horatio, a brother for Jasper and Felix.
    Romilly Scarlett, a sister for Constance and Lysander.
    a son, Kit Patrick and a daughter, Matilda Jasmine, a brother and sister for Milo and Daisy.
    Rory James Victor, a brother to Theo, Tilly and Rufus.
    Frank John, a brother for Agnes, Wilfred, Edith, Albert and Gertrude.
    twins, Ottilie Rose and Archie Jack Savill.
    twins Viola Agnes Blue and Quincy Otis Aubrey, a sister and brother for Arlo and Zubin.
    twins, Douglas William Clementi and Genevieve Mabel, a brother and sister for Clementine and Matilda.
    twins, Zachary and Isadora, siblings for Casper.
    twins, Rafferty James and Jemima Rose.
    twins, Hugo and Esme, a brother and sister for Willa.
    Violet Betty Reed, a sister for Arthur and Dora.
    twins Hugh Queenborough (7lb 3oz) and Georgina Fleur (7lb 7oz), a brother and sister for Agatha Lily and Frances Rose.
    Nell Constance, a sister for Maud and Olive.
    Frank John, a brother for Agnes, Wilfred, Edith, Albert and Gertrude.
    India Francesca Emilia, a sister for Sebastian, Lukas, Jasper, Maximillian, Jacques and Oscar.
    Eliza + Beatrix + Constance + Romilly + Clementine + Freya + Mabel + Agnes + Betty + Margot
    Felix + Ivo + Calloway + Walter + Linus + Otto + August + Hugo + Zebedee + Rollo + Phineas

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    I was thinking of asking this question recently wow! Anyways, my favorite recently was Emilia Clare Isabella. I also remember liking Charlotte Sophia.

    To pp: I love Henry Frederick Charles sounds like the name of a young prince
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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