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    I would remove:
    1. Henrietta Phoebe
    2. Agnes
    3. Orla Persephone Mae
    4. Edith
    5. Antigone Rose Elizabeth
    6. Esther Valentine/Bluebell
    7. Sybil Guinevere
    8. Wilhelmina Daisy

    There are so many that I love though!!
    Hermione Poet is fantastic and are Harriet Ivy Winter, Octavia Lily, Beatrice Luna, and Violet Andromeda Lark.
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    I'm not a fan of Florence, Hermione Poet "Hera", Persephone "Seph", Agnes "Aggie", Orla Persephone Mae , Cordelia Hero "Cora".

    My fave combos

    Violet Andromeda Lark & Sybil Guinevere.
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    I really love your naming style.

    Violet Andromeda Lark - probably the prettiest combo I've heard in a long time. Really unique and pretty. Not sure if you noticed, but the initials are VAL. Could be a nickname?
    Beatrice Luna "Bea" - Love Luna. Beatrice is nms, but works well in this combo
    Florence - love as a middle name. I have Aurelia Florence and Cassia Florence on my list.
    Olive Arabella June - Love all three names separately. Arabella June is lovely on it's own. Not sure Olive flows well with it.
    Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" - Love the nickname Hattie, but I'm not a huge fan of Harriet. Ivy and Winter are nice, but nms.
    Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy"- I like this! I adore Effy as a nickname. How do you pronounce Antigone? I've heard it Ant-uh-"gone" and An-tig-onny.
    Clementine - Love! I have Zoe Clementine on my list.
    Henrietta Phoebe "Etta" - A little close to Harriet so I would chose one or the other. pretty combo
    Hermione Poet "Hera" - Love Hermoine and Hera both on their own. Poet isn't my style, but it's grown on me as I've seen it on a few people's lists.
    Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina" - pretty combo
    Ottilie Maeve "Tilly" - not sure how Ottilie is pronounced. Like it looks? Not a fan of it, though I love Maeve. I have Carolina Maeve on my list.
    Persephone "Seph" - love! Persephone Lark is on my list, but I like Violet Andromenda Lark better.
    Matilda "Maude" or "Tilda" - love! I have Charlotte Matilda. Although the only nn I like for Matilda is Mattie.
    Octavia Lily - Not a fan of Octavia. Lily is pretty but kind of boring.
    Sybil Guinevere - Really dislike Sybil. Guinevere is pretty, but nms
    Agnes "Aggie" - dislike a lot
    Orla Persephone Mae - dislike Orla, but Persephone Mae is cute!
    Esther Valentine/Esther Bluebell "Essie" - Not a fan of Esther, but I like Valentine and Bluebell. I have Poppy Valentine on my list and a few years ago I had Hannah Bluebell
    Edith "Edie" - not a fan
    Cordelia Hero "Cora" - Codelia is pretty. I have Cordelia Vivienne on my list. I don't like Hero at all though.
    Hazel - Could be pretty as a middle name with another name. Persephone Mae Hazel? Arabella June Hazel?

    I would remove:
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    Which ones I would remove:

    1) Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy"
    2) Henrietta Phoebe "Etta"
    3) Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina"
    4) Ottilie Maeve "Tilly"
    5) Persephone "Seph"
    6) Octavia Lily
    7) Orla Persephone Mae
    8) Edith "Edie"
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    So, we really don't have similar taste in names...
    The ones I really dislike:
    Harriet "Hattie" - removed because of the nn, I wouldn't mind just Harriet
    Florence (but I like Flora)
    Olive - it's something you eat, not something you name a baby - I love the Arabella June part
    Antigone - too hard to pronounce and where does the nn Effy come from??
    Matilda - but I do like nn Tilda
    Esther - but I love Essie, I just prefer it as a nn for Estelle or Estella
    Hermione "Hera" - I don't see the appeal in Hermione. Just because it is a Harry Potter name doesn't make me like it Hera makes me cringe. Sorry
    Ooops, that's 10.
    I have to say though that I adore Beatrice Luna and Violet Andromeda Lark is really cool!!

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